Reputation Marketing

If you have found this page, you have reached it because you have seen an article or book I have written. It is not a page that is linked to another part of this site or, generally, publicly known. That, by itself, makes your visit here special.

Over the past five years I have reviewed, examined, purchased or created various systems for automating the process of collecting reviews from customers and getting them posted onto key websites. Because so few business owners today are even aware of the impact of consumer reviews on how they show up on Google searches today, by simply doing anything proactively, you are in the minority and immediately have an “unfair advantage” over those with whom you compete.

I have also learned that there are various levels of commitment to this process that fit different businesses. It all really depends on precisely how you engage your customer at the point of delivery. Is it in your office or the customer’s home? Is your customer young and comfortable with technology or more in the “analog generation”?

Rather than attempting to direct you to a one-size-fits-all methodology, please complete the form below and I will personally point you in the right direction.

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